Weird News

  • Sibling Has Twin Removed From Her Stomach: A baby girl was just released from the hospital after doctors removed her twin sister that was stuck inside her stomach. The newborn was born with her one pound, one ounce sibling insider her. Doctors call this medical condition "fetus infetu," and it is developed during the mother's pregnancy. At first, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with the child after repeated visits to the doctor. They eventually diagnosed fetus in fetu which is an abnormality which happens only in one out of every 500,000 births. The baby girl, who is due to be named next month, is said to be healthy after the surgery.

  • Shoppers Are Loving The New Butt Pillow: We've seen all sorts of shapes and sizes in pillows over the years. Getting a good night's sleep is essential to one's health. That's why one manufacturer has come up with the new butt pillow. It appears that butt pillows are a thing because resting your head on your partner's booty is, apparently, a popular activity. According to the product description, it's "great for all types of sleepers as well as butt slappers, squeezers, caressers and face-buriers." The idea is that you rest your head in the 'sweet spot' between the thighs and cheeks so it gently cradles you and supports the neck. The butt pillow launched through a Kickstarter campaign and is getting rave reviews. The Buttress pillow runs for $65 and can be bought here. 

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