Long ago & far away... 

It all began at a little 500 watt daytime radio station literally in the middle of a corn field in Rantoul Illinois.  It's like the Steve Miller song, "From Phoenix Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta & LA."  The 70's are pretty much a blur as I was moving from station to station & state to state. You felt like you finally "arrived" when the your new station paid for the move & hotel until you could find a new home. My mother often asked me.."Son. why can't you keep a job?" I told her that I had the same job I was just going to a new station for more money. Her reply was always "money isn't everything." She was right. 

I have so many great memories from all of the artists I've met to working with Wolfman Jack (who I first heard on Armed Forces Radio when I was in Viet Nam) to dancing w/Dolly (Pardon) & singing on stage w/Charlie (Daniels) to landing on "The Rock of Chicago", WLS and working w/the pros I grew up listening to. It's been a fun ride...with an occasional stay in rehab. (ha)

Today I have the pleasure of waking up SW Florida every week day morning here on Seaview. Ironically, while this is my last rodeo, it's the longest I've been w/any station. I'm also working w/a great crew. I've learned 1st hand how loyal & passionate our listeners are. After all these decades, I still love it. "Radio, It's good for your imagination."