Valentine's Day

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Think you're the bomb when it comes to Valentine's romance? Chances are you're more of a dud, according to a new survey. Here's what the same survey said about V'day gift giving:

V alentine’s Day is supposed to be a day when you show your S.O. how much they really mean to you, but it turns out not many people are doing a very good job of it. In fact, according to a new Groupon survey, 58% of Americans would give their partner an “F” when it comes to their effort on Valentine’s Day, with only 15% giving their honey an “A.”

So, what do people need to do for their partner to give them a passing grade? Well, for 70% of people getting a gift is still pretty important. Of course, what gift you get them could help boost your grade, and for 58% of people the thing they really want is a dinner out, with chocolate the second most popular gift (50%).  Other gifts people want for Valentine’s Day include: 

  • Flowers (46%)
  • A massage (46%)
  • Home cooked meal (39%)
  • Jewelry (36%)
  • A trip to an exotic and/or warm weather locale (31%)
  • A spa package (31%)
  • A staycation at a local hotel (30%)
  • Tickets to a comedy show (26%) 

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