Somebody Won! Was it YOU?

Sorry, You Aren’t A Mega-Millionaire…But Someone IS

 Somebody's family just got a lot bigger

The numbers are out for last night’s record Mega Millions drawing. The numbers are 28-70-5-62-65 with the Megaball of 5. And with the jackpot at an estimated one-point-six-billion-dollars, there are at least a few happy people today – as there were eight tickets sold across California that had five of the six numbers to win a still undetermined amount of prize money. How much remains unclear.

But there’s one VERY happy person, at least. According to the South Carolina Education Lottery, there was ONE ticket sold in South Carolina – that matched all six numbers. The estimated cash payout? $904-million. After the Feds and the state get their cut, you’d have lost about 45% – leaving you with just $500-million.

  • Find a per state breakdown of what you’d have cleared if you’d have won the big prize HERE.
  • ONE MORE THING! What does that kind of money buy you? Here’s a sample: Still, there’s a pretty impressive list of things that money would have gotten you.
  • 86 Bugatti Divos (at $5.8-million each)
  • 454 bottles of Macallan Valerio Adami Whiskey at ($1.1-million each…and even though there were only 12 ever made)
  • 2,500 tickets for all your friends to travel into space ($200,000 a pop)
  • 7 tons of gold bars (price could fluctuate on this one)
  • 6,666 nights in Mahattan’s Mark Hotel penthouse (running $75,000 a night)
  • Buy Necker Island from Richard Branson, and then have money for 7 more (he’s asking $60-million).
  • 22 Airbus H160 Helicopters ($22-million each)
  • 282,485 shares of Amazon (though it’s a tad volatile right now at $1,770 a share)
  • 83,333,333 cronuts – those half donut/half croissant sensations go for $6 each.

Source: ABC News

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