America's Dad Goes Up The River

"America's Dad" Goes Up The River

September 26, 2018

The Bottom Line: Bill Cosby has been sentenced for drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand.

It’s official…instead of being known as “America’s Dad,” Bill Cosby will now known by a serial number – at least for the next few years. This, as the 81-year-old disgraced entertainer has been sentenced to three to ten years in state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in his home in April 2004.

When handing down his sentence, Judge Steven O'Neillsaid he is "not permitted to treat [Cosby] any differently based on who he is or who he was." “This was a serious crime," the judge offered. “Mr. Cosby this has all circled back to you. The day has come, the time has come.” The judge also ruled Cosby is a “sexually violent predator.”

And when Cosby's lawyer asked for bail, O'Neill told him he has "no right to it," adding, quote: “I’ve imposed sentencing at this stage, if you want to take it up with another court, you can.” Cosby spent a few hours in county jail yesterday before heading to SCI Phoenix, a 3,830-bed lockup that opened two months ago.

  • Before Cosby even left the courthouse, Cosby’s publicist lit off before cameras. “This has been the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States,” said Andrew Wyatt, who added that some of those who testified against Cosby were "white women who make money off of accusing black men of being sexual predators.”
  • Cosby's wife, Camille, appears to be totally standing by her man - even though she was absent in court yesterday. In a statement, Mrs. Cosby says her husband was "denied his right to a fair trial" and convicted on "falsified evidence." She also noted that their legal team is already working on next steps.
  • Of course, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele sees things differently. "Finally, Bill Cosby has been unmasked,” he offered. “And we saw the real man as he is headed off to prison.” And who is ‘that’ man? One who was seen laughing moments after he was sentenced.
  • ONE MORE THING! In perhaps the most supreme bit of irony, Cosby’s dinner meal last night – his very first behind bars? Reports are that it included vanilla pudding.

Source: CNN

Dunkin' Is Dropping The Donuts

The Bottom Line: Dunkin is streamlining their name

Dunkin' Donuts is dropping the D…donuts, that is. Starting in January, Dunkin Donuts will be known simply as Dunkin. The company says it’s rebrand itself as a "beverage-led" company that focuses on coffees, teas, speedy service and to-go food including, doughnuts.

So no – they’re not going away. But when you consider that beverages – such as coffee – make up 60% of the company's US sales, it might make sense to sort out where else you can get your baked goodies fix.

But that’s not all – Dunkin' is planning to expand as well – with plans to open one-thousand new locations by the end of year 2020. "It’s official: We’re going by Dunkin’ now," the company's Twitter page offers. "After 68 years of America running on Dunkin’, we're moving to a first-name basis." The reaction online so far? Fan appear to prefer that the company dunks the the circular file. As Twitter user @karatechop16 notes, "I donut like it."

Source: CNN Money

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