Shane's Story

Local Captain and Dog Reunited

Shane Hale sold almost everything he had to pursue his dream of sailing on the ocean...Recently, tragedy struck, as a storm severly damaged his boat and swept his best friend (his dog) out to sea!  By the Grace of God his dog  Harley was found, but Shane still needs our help, he was injured, and needs help with housing...Please give whatever you can:


and here's the video of Shane's reunion with his beloved baby boy, Harley!


Shane A. Hale

27 mins ยท 

A dear friend just sent me this and I must share!!! Thank you!!

A poem from two people who care: Years ago there was a guy..who made breakfast for my daughter and I. He has this raspy voice and a radiant our life he only stayed for awhile. Years went by.. he turned his life was GOD who this man had found. He was figuring out his life...his role...and he set out to pursue his goal. Got a pup named HARLEY a few years back..things were really really on the right track. He went to church...he changed his ways...sold ALL his possessions...his friends were amazed. Bought a 30 ft sailboat C & C..took sailing lessons endlessly. He loved the sunsets and fresh air...until red tide wasn't fair. "Gotta pull anchor-gotta move away. To the Keys we'll go. To the Keys we'll stay." HARLEY & SHANE sailing away...skies we're was a nice day. Then tragedy time to think. HARLEY went overboard...we're gonna sink. Winds blowing spinning fierce...can't get it to stop....then the hull got pierced. Shits flying everywhere. SHANE included. HARLEYS in 10ft swells...the waters polluted! Oh GOD help...he needs you so bad. No one knows the trouble he's had. Huddled in fear....thoughts became 911...Coast guard please come. He was rescued..they took him onboard. JUST WANTED HIS DOG BACK....OH PLEASE..OH LORD. Prayers were said by hundreds.. thru heartache and pain. They were praying for HARLEY...they were praying for SHANE. What are the odds his pup would survive? What are the odds he'd be found alive? Social media was on fire.. searching for SHANES' heart desire. THE BIBLE says.."Delight yourself in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart." Shane was close to God not apart. The phone rang...prayers were answered. HARLEYS BEEN FOUND ALIVE...HE DID SURVIVE. HARLEY swam and swam...fight and flight...LOVE finds a way for this MIRACLE Tonite. We can ALL take a lesson from SHANE and his pup..LOVE UNCONDITIONALY..LET GOD GUIDE YOU AND NEVER EVER...GIVE UP!

Jeff Collins

Jeff Collins

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