Top Workplace Trends For 2019

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The Top Workplace Trends For 2019 (And What's Fading Away)

The Bottom Line:

  • FitSmallBusiness has revealed the top workplace trends for 2019, and the ones that are now old and tired
  • The hottest workplace trend right now is emotional support animals in the office
  • The most old and tired workplace trend is unlimited paid time off
  • Source:FitSmallBusiness
The Full Story:

Anyone who’s worked in an office long enough has probably seen their workplace embrace a popular trend or two now and again, but it seems some once-popular workplace trends are slowly dying, giving way to others, whether we like them or not. 

Believe it or not, according to FitSmallBusiness, the biggest trend that seems be on the rise is emotional support animals in the workplace, which means folks should expect to see more dogs roaming around. Meanwhile, the trend that seems to be fading is unlimited paid time off, which really is a shame. 

New Hotness For 2019

  1. Emotional Support Animals in the Workplace
  2. Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
  3. AI in the Office
  4. Wearable Fitness and Safety Technology
  5. Onsite Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

 Old And Tired Workplace Trends

  1. Unlimited Paid Time Off
  2. Pre-Employment Drug Testing
  3. Onsite Childcare
  4. 9-to-5 Work Week
  5. Open Floorplan offices 


Thought Starters…

  • I don’t know, I'd rather have unlimited paid time off than my dog in the office...
  • What is the one workplace trend you would love to see go away? Which one would you like your office to introduce?
  • Is your office one that tends to adopt a lot of workplace trends? Like what? Have any of them really not gone over well?

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