TikToker Dies In Car Crash Days After Post About Never Being In Accident

Photo: @kara_santorelli13/TikTok

A TikTok user who had recently shared a post claiming she'd never gotten into an accident was killed days later in a head-on collision with a vehicle that was traveling the wrong way.

Kara Santorelli, 18, a high school senior, was traveling on Highway 29 in Escambia County, Florida, when a Chevrolet sedan struck her Nissan SUV on March 17, the Florida Highway Patrol announced via the New York Post.

Both Santorelli and the other driver, who was not publicly identified, were killed in the accident. The crash came six days after the teen shared a post claiming she'd never been involved in a crash with another person or car.

“When they try call me a bad driver but I’ve never hit a person or an actual car," Santorelli captioned in a post shared on March 11.

The TikTok has since gone viral with more than 15 million views and numerous commenters acknowledging the tragic event that took place just days later. Santorelli was scheduled to graduate from Northview High School in May and "loved spending time at the beach or on the boat and with friends and family," according to a GoFundMe page launched by a family friend to help her family with "unexpected funeral costs."

The fundraiser has already raised more than $22,000, far exceeding its initial goal of $5,000.

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