Florida Lt. Gov. Nunez: Expanded School Choice Is "Monumental & Historic"

Yellow school bus parked next to playground

Photo: Getty Images

A new law expanding school vouchers to all kids in Florida will take effect during the next school year.

Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez says it's all about parent's rights.

"We've built upon significant achievements throughout our first term and now this is really the crown jewel. What we've done here is monumental and historic. It's expanding school choice to every single Floridian family."

Gov. DeSantis signed the bill on Monday and it becomes law on July 1.

All K-through-12 students in Florida will be able to get vouchers for private schools, regardless of family income. It will be in effect in time for the 2023-24 school year.

The vouchers will be worth around $8,000 per student, per school year.

Opponents of the law are concerned about the costs and say it will take money away from public schools.

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