Giant Seaweed Blob Heading For Florida

Forget the flip flops, you might need goulashes to make your way to the beach in the coming days and weeks.

At least some of that 5,000 mile long and 300 mile wide blob of brown seaweed in the tropical Atlantic could be making its way to South Florida shores and up to Brevard County.

"We could see some areas on the East Coast of Florida where even if there aren't beach closures, you perhaps would not want to swim in all that sargassum, if you could even get to the water," says Florida Atlantic University Professor Brian LaPoint.

While predicting exactly where and when it will arrive is tough, he says some of the muck has already washed ashore on Key West and Fort Lauderdale beaches.

He thinks some could move into the Gulf of Mexico as well.

In previous years Orange Beach, which is just west of the Florida/Alabama border, was hit hard.

He believes this bloom could be caused by increased nutrient discharges from Congo and the Amazon Rivers.

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