Why I Love America Contest

Chuck Britton & Seaview 104.9 want to hear “Why I Love America” from our listeners – we're asking you to send us a short essay (in less than 300 words), and tell us "Why You Love Our Country"

WINNER: Mike Zidek

Why do I love America?
I was taught by my father at an early age to love my country. A father who worked three jobs to raise eleven children. He taught me that our country and our freedoms were a gift from God. These gifts came with a responsibility, that I should love our land and it’s resources, to see as much of it as possible in one lifetime, but to always try to leave someplace better than I found it. He taught me our country’s rich history, how people from numerous countries, faiths, and cultures came together to fight tyranny and create a land where people could live free from fear of their own government. I learned how our freedoms came at a price, paid for with the blood of our countrymen. My America was a symbol of family much the same as the family I grew up in. We worked hard to do our best in all our endeavors. We sometimes fought with each other, but we still loved each other and were alway there to support a brother or sister in need. We had fortitude and pride. No other country in the history of the world has done what America has. As a child grows and learns and becomes better with age, so did our country. We became a symbol to the world of morality, courage, prosperity, strength, and aid. Most of all I learned that America was a symbol of humanity, that as a human being makes mistakes so do we. And that’s ok as long as we learn from them and become better, more virtuous. And if our beloved America is to survive, these virtues must be taught to all generations to come.