Jeopardy! Champ Barely Keeps His Streak Alive, Inches Closer To $2 Million

James Holzhauer didn't crack $2 million in total winnings on Thursday (May 23) night's episode of Jeopardy! but still managed to win for the 26th time. While most of his wins have been blowouts, the professional gambler from Las Vegas faced his toughest competition yet in Nate Scheffey.

Scheffey led by as much as $12,800 during the second round, but Holzhauer managed to claw his way back and entered Final Jeopardy! with a lead of $5,400.

Both contestants correctly answered the final question, but Holzhauer out-wagered Scheffey by $10,908 to finish the night with $52,108, topping his competitor's total of $35,800.

Holzhauer's latest victory brings his total winnings to $1,991,135 leaving him just $8,865 shy of $2 million. He is continuing his quest to dethrone Ken Jennings, who currently holds the Jeopardy! prize-winning record with $2,520,700 in total winnings during his 74-game winning streak. Holzhauer is expected to surpass $2 million on Friday night's episode and could break Jennings' record total in half the time.

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