A great Friday and weekend!


Merriam-Webster has added over 1,000 new words to their on-line dictionary. What was once slang is slowly making its way into the language as an official word. Here are a few of them:– net neutrality– botnet– binge-watch– photobomb– ghost (as in to “ghost someone”)– humblebrag– airball– up-fake– five-hole– truther– train wreck– side-eye– weak sauce– ride shotgun– walk back– throw shade– face-palm– geek out– first world problem– ginger (as in red-headed)– microaggression– mumblecore– wayback machine

The new word on this list that most caught my attention is “humblebrag.” I would define it as a “backwards brag” or way of bragging about yourself while seemingly maintaining your humility! Here’s an article that gives great examples from twitter…hilarious:


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